"It's time we feel good as we heal our community through the arts."

-Shamica Care DeNully (Founder/Owner)

Growing up in the Bronx during the 80s, Black History Month was a big deal. We gathered around theatre, poetry, music, family and friends to celebrate a legacy of strong faith, passion, power and love. 

In 2023 I'm sounding the alarm for us all to be intentional during this very important time of the year. 

Thank you in advance for answering the call. 

“The Queen and Her Kingdom”

An innovative storytime hour with props, drums, songs and fun for ages 8 and under.


Queen Luna hails from the mythical island of Shinkou, a rich land that can be accessed at any space in time through your imagination. Queen Luna is here on a short visit from her kingdom to tell us the story of the great strength and power of the African American people that arrived long ago and their many contributions that helped to build the beautiful infrastructure we all enjoy today. Through song, poetry and storytelling, a welcoming atmosphere of fun and appreciation that celebrates the culture of black history present, and future.      

​“The Art of Play”

A ​fun interactive theatrical hour for ages 9 to ​​13 with dance, drumming, and monologues.


“The Art of Play” uses children's monologues to spotlight the African American culture of yummy veggies in a very creative way that aims to give a language of appreciation. Children can simply enjoy​ performing, listening, and or reading the monologues that are accompanied by the sweet sounds of the djembe.

“My Hip-Hop Flow”

An entertaining hour of simple poetry set to rhythm for ages 13 and over.


Hip-Hop has made a global impact and this program will highlight the talents and gifts that young African Americans used to change the world we live in through intention, passion, sound and words. Teens will be given simple beats and a bank of words to then share their “bars” or lyrics.   

“My Sweet Soul Bath”

“My Sweet Soul Bath” a meditative experience for adults to help them relax and reconnect to their creative flow.

Shamica Care DeNully is a certified holistic life coach and in this program she uses singing bowls along with a variety of meditative instruments to set an atmosphere of wellness, mindfulness, and relaxation to create solutions for the disproportionate rate of stress-related health conditions in the African American community.   

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